ACT Research Day

ACT Research Day '15: Treatment and Wellbeing: getting to the end of HIV?

The line-up for ACTRD 2015 features:

    • a keynote presentation and discussion on Ontario’s soon-to-be-available new Strategy on HIV
    • concurrent knowledge building sessions on:
      Sex-Positivity: Definitions, Declarations, and Applications
      Going viral: Informing and influencing the public’s understanding of HIV
    • a panel of three researchers presenting their recent and current research on:
      Stress and mental health concerns of Aboriginal women living with HIV and HIV-negative Aboriginal women
      Other ways of knowing: South Asian women share their truth about living with HIV
      Is any job better than no job? Labor market experiences and depressive symptoms in people living with HIV

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About ACT Research Day

ACT Research Day is a free event for service providers, researchers, people living with HIV, community members, policy makers, students and others to discuss current HIV research and the implications for programs and policy.

ACT Research Day is organized by a steering committee made of members from ACT, CATIE, the OHTN and community members. Funding is provided by the Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN).

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