Women's Programs

ACT is here for women who are living with HIV, at risk for HIV infection, or who know someone living with HIV.

Living with HIV?

If you are a woman living with HIV, ACT provides information and support services to help you live better with HIV. We offer specific programs just for women living with HIV - such as our social support/food program called WomenZone and our twice monthly social support event called Women's Coffee night (see below for more information) .
Concerned about your risk for HIV?

If you are a woman who does not have HIV or you've never been tested for HIV, ACT is here for you, too. We offer information and services to help you avoid infection with HIV, and you can drop by our offices to access free condoms and lubricant.
Are you a Service Provider who works with Women?

We provide education, information and training to agencies in Toronto who work with women. In that way, these women serving organizations can better integrate HIV education and support into their work. To find out more about our service-provider training program, visit our website called SHE - Shared Health Exchange.
Women's Coffee Night

Held twice a month, this informal social support event for HIV-positive women provides an opportunity to connect with other women with HIV and learn from each other’s experiences. For more information (including dates and times) or to register, contact 416-340-8484 ext. 239. Child care subsidies and public transit fare can be provided.

WomenZone - Social Spaces and Learning Support for Women with HIV

ACT provides opportunities for women living with HIV/AIDS to socialize and discuss current issues related to HIV. As part of the Circle of Care initiative (see below for more information), WomenZone is open to all women living with HIV, including trans women, and provides social spaces and learning support for women to better manage their health, learn the importance of nutrition, and an opportunity to interact with other women. WomenZone sessions are offered three times per month and each session includes a meal. To find out more call 416-340-8484 ext. 239. WomenZone is a project of the Circle of Care Initiative.

About the Circle of Care Initiative
The Circle of Care Initiative is a collaborative approach to providing diverse, innovative and practical support services for women living with HIV/AIDS in Toronto.The Circle of Care Initiative is a consortium of five AIDS service organizations including the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP), Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network (PASAN), Toronto People with AIDS Foundation (PWA), and The Teresa Group.

The Circle of Care Initiative was designed in response to women’s own stated needs and interests. Its goals are to stabilize, strengthen and expand programs for women affected by HIV/AIDS across the City of Toronto.

    For more information about other projects of the Circle of Care:
    ACB Women’s Support Program - Lead: Black CAP
    Community Support Program for Women Ex-Prisoners - Lead: PASAN
    Peer Support Program - Lead: PWA
    Supportive Programming for HIV-Positive Mothers - Lead: Teresa Group
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