Volunteering at ACT

ACT was founded by a group of volunteers in 1983. True to our history, we would not exist without the generosity, commitment and talents of our volunteers.

We rely on volunteers to:

    • deliver ACT's programs and services to individuals and communities,
    • help raise the money to provide those services
    • govern and guide the agency through our Board of Directors and committees
    • contribute in many different ways to the vibrancy and well being of the organization.
Our range of volunteer opportunities offers you the chance to work with us in many different and rewarding ways!

Read the 2013 Volunteer Experience Survey Report

This report shares feedback and findings from the ACT Volunteer Experience Survey. The survey was circulated online between December 2012 to February 2013. Our goal was to gain a better understanding of the experience of our volunteers in order to improve our volunteer programs and infrastructure.

A total of 252 active volunteers completed the survey.

Details from the survey results are included in this report, highlighting findings related to volunteer motivation, training, appreciation, supervision, and engagement. We have also included some of the recommendations that emerged as a result of the volunteer feedback.