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Research on HIV prevention education, outreach and support services is an important part of ACT's work. Research projects are generally conducted in partnership with university based researchers and organizations involved in HIV-related issues.

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ACT’s research program serves the following purposes:
    • To provide support for ACT’s programs and services;
    • To provide support for ACT’s strategic priorities;
    • To promote or facilitate community development;
    • To build research capacity among ACT’s staff, volunteers and community-based partners.

ACT's research is guided by our research directions and our research activities are implemented within the framework of our guiding principles.

Using Research to Inform Support Services for People Living with HIV - A Webinar

This webinar resulted from a project to mobilize and disseminate research evidence that may inform community-based support services for people living with HIV. The project was collaboratively developed and implemented by a team from community-based organizations and universities in Ontario, assisted by a national advisory committee.

The team already know that, though AIDS service organizations provide essential support to people living with HIV, decision-makers have limited access to research that may inform program development. Therefore the objectives of the project were to:

    (a) Identify all systematic reviews related to counselling, case management and health promotion for people living with HIV/AIDS published since 1996 (i.e., since the availability of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy [HAART]),
    (b) Assess the quality and local applicability of the interventions evaluated in those systematic reviews,
    (c) Develop user-friendly summaries of the systematic reviews and disseminate them among program and policy decision-makers.

In this webinar (45 minutes long), Michael Wilson (one of the co-principal investigators of the project):
    (a) discusses the project background, methods and findings,
    (b) discusses the benefits of systematic reviews for program and policy development,
    (c) presents tips for locating systematic reviews, and introduces online resources where research syntheses are available,
    (d) provides an introduction and orientation to the user-friendly summaries of the systematic reviews.

Click here to watch the English-language webinar. Click here to watch the French-language webinar.

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