Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (TPWAF) and ACT to Remain Separate

News Release

Toronto: September 14, 2004 --- The membership of the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (TPWAF) today voted against amalgamating TPWAF and the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), effectively ending the two organizations’ bid to form a united community-based AIDS service organization. The vote was the culmination of nine months of talks between the two organizations, their clients, funders, the communities they serve, and the public at large.

“While we’re obviously disappointed that the proposed amalgamation was defeated, our members have spoken,” said Robert Sirman, Co-Chair of the TPWAF-ACT Joint Task Force and Chair of the TPWAF Board of Directors. “Maintaining two distinct, smaller organizations was seen as the preferred course at this time.”

The two agencies, whose client bases overlap and who already offer a variety of joint programs, will continue to work closely together.

“We have, over the past nine months, identified synergies and efficiencies that can be achieved to some extent by working together,” said Evan Collins, Co-Chair of the Joint Task Force and Co-Chair of the ACT Board of Directors. “The input from our staff and from the communities we serve has been tremendously helpful in this regard.”

Both TPWAF and ACT took great care to ensure that their services and programs were not disrupted during the consultation process, which began in January 2004 and ended with today’s vote.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to the AIDS Bureau of Ontario, which stepped up with special funding for this process. Without their support, we would not have been able to undertake what turned out to be a worthwhile exercise in strategic brainstorming,” said Lori Lucier, Executive Director of ACT.

TPWAF members voted 79 – 43, or 64.7%, in favour of a special resolution on amalgamation, while ACT members voted 119 – 26, or 82.1%, in favour of it. To pass, the resolution required 66.7% of the votes of both TPWAF’s and ACT’s membership.

For more information, please contact Tyler Stiem, ACT’s Communications Coordinator, at 416.340.8484 ext. 225/ or Leslie Zborovski, TPWAF’s Director of Development and Communications, at 416-506-1400 ext. 630 /