Mixing Drugs?

Sometimes people mix drugs as a normal course of the party. Other times, we purposely mix drugs to try to obtain a desired effect. [sextasy :o)] Some of us enjoy taking recreational drugs, but are also using health related medications, like anti-HIV drugs.

Whatever the reason, if you are mixing drugs take the time to get educated on the risks and benefits of different drug combinations. Some combinations can be pleasurable. Others can make you sick or be fatal. Here are some initial tips...

Don't mix Viagra and Poppers.

If you mix Viagra and ecstasy, use half the regular dose of each drug.

Viagra and 'e' together can cause priapism, a condition where you cannot lose your erection. If you have an erection longer than 4 hours go to an emergency department immediately. Erections longer than 6 hours can cause permanent damage.

Don't mix 'g' (ghb) with alcohol or other downers.

Don't mix 'e' with antidepressants (esp. MAOI's like Parnate, Aurorix).

Avoid 'e', 'k', or speed (meth) if you are taking Ritonavir (an anti-HIV medication).

If you are taking anti-HIV medications you should consult with your physician before taking any recreational drugs. You can also get information anonymously by calling CATIE at 1-800-263-1638.

If you mix HIV meds with recreational drugs, use smaller amounts of the recreational drugs initially and wait an hour before taking more.