Drug Class:
Individual Drug:
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD)
Common Terms:
Acid, blotter, microdot, windowpane.
Consumption and Standard Dose:
  • Blotters are the most common: tiny squares of paper soaked in the drug (a white crystalline powder dissolved in water). Blotters often have cartoon characters printed on them. They are usually put under the tongue until dissolved and enter the bloodstream.
  • Microdots are little powder pellets and are swallowed.
  • Windowpane LSD come in gelatin caps which are also swallowed.
  • Sometimes LSD comes in liquid form in a small vial, from which a small amount is dropped on the tongue.
  • Taking LSD is often referred to as ‘dropping.’

LSD can affect people very differently. This is because it alters perception; both the external senses and internal processes of those senses. This makes it difficult to determine what could be expected from any given dose. Other factors that can influence the high are the quality of the drug, your current state of mind, health. LSD is a very ambient drug, meaning that your high is strongly affected by the environment you do it in and with whom you do it with.
The Buzz:
  • From 10 - 45 minutes after dropping, heart rate rise and body temperature can rise, vision sharpens, and nausea can set in. Pupils dilate (become larger) and senses will become heightened. Feeling a body buzz is common.
  • Within 45 minutes, cross-transfer of senses is common – you can see sounds, taste music, and hear colours. In large doses (200 micrograms or more) you may experience slips in your sensory cues, such as patterns moving on walls, floors breathing and images can stay in your field of vision long after you’ve looked away, creating the perception of ‘trails.’
  • Sensations in the body can change: hands can feel like they’re very far away from the body, skin can feel rubber. External textures can seem to change also. Glass cups can seem softer and food can seem like it's inedible (like you can’t or don’t want to eat it).
  • It can seem like too much is happening for you to register. f you find the trip becomes intense or overwhelming, sit or lay down and chill out for a bit with calming music. Avoid loud, bright hectic places, like public transit. It is not commonly considered a drug that positively enhances being in night clubs and bars.
Overdose and other negative effects:
  • LSD trips can last a long time, sometimes up to 12 hours with a large dose. During a trip you are not likely to feel like eating and coming down you may find yourself exhausted. Rest and take in fruit juice and water. It may be helpful to build in a recovery day before returning to work.
  • LSD can open up intense and unpleasant thoughts and feelings. Some users experience altered states that don’t fully wear off. It’s a good idea not to use LSD when you are depressed, stressed out or feeling overwhelmed.
  • There are no reported cases of people dying from LSD overdose toxicity. It would take roughly 14 000 micrograms of LSD (about 280 hits of acid) to be fatal. Unpleasant trips however can happen and in extreme cases can lead to suicidal or intensely fearful thoughts.
  • Bad trips are sometimes triggered by your environment or negative thoughts and feelings. Bad trips can feel scary, panicked, anxious and confused. If you or someone you are with is having a bad trip, reduce the amount of stimulus. Get away from crowds and anything loud and jarring. Move into finding, or make, a space that is more serene. Reassure them that the fearful thoughts are coming from the drug they took. Supportive and calm conversation is a good remedy for a bad trip.
  • While LSD can cause blood pressure and body temperature to rise slightly, it causes no known harm to human cells, tissues or organs.
  • Some people report psychosis developing after a bad trip. It is thought that this reaction is related to pre-existing mental health problems.
Dangerous Drug Combinations:

As with any drug, it’s advisable to start with a small dose first, especially since only a small amount is needed to get you quite high. Do half a hit first and wait an hour before decided to drop more.

*Adapted with permission from TRIP!

HIV Medications & LSD
  • There are no known reactions between LSD and HIV medications.

Sex on LSD:
  • Feelings of connection and empathy are fairly common
  • Psychedelic drug effect sex drive and sexuality activity very differently for different people