HIV and AIDS Statistics

HIV and AIDS Statistics - At a Glance
HIV and AIDS Statistics - Worldwide
HIV and AIDS Statistics - Canada
HIV and AIDS Statistics - Ontario
HIV and AIDS Statistics - Toronto

These publications report on HIV/AIDS statistics in different places. New editions of these reports are released annually unless otherwise noted.

Published by the Public Health Agency of Canada:
HIV and AIDS in Canada: Online at
Published twice a year.

HIV/AIDS epi updates: Online at

Published by the Ontario HIV Epidemiologic Monitoring Unit:
Report on HIV/AIDS in Ontario
Online at

Published by Toronto Public Health:
Communicable diseases in Toronto
Online at

Monthly reports on the number of HIV and AIDS cases reported in Toronto
Online at

HIV/AIDS statistics for different countries and regions published by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS):
AIDS epidemic update
Online at ("Knowledge Centre" section)
Jointly published by the World Health Organization (WHO).