Drug Class:
Individual drugs:
Common Terms:
Standard Dose:
  • GHB is typically sold by the vial as a clear liquid with a consistency slightly thicker than water.
  • The liquid can be swallowed on it's own but is typically diluted in water and sipped.
  • It may be odourless but often has a distinct "chemical" smell.
  • It has a slight salty/chemical taste but this can be easily masked when added to other liquids.
The Buzz:
  • Initial feelings of relaxation and a reduction in anxiety that lead can make the user more sociable.
  • Many users report feeling more sexual.
  • At higher doses one can feel light-headed, nauseous, dizzy, drowsy, speech may become slurred and muscle in-coordination.
Overdose and other negative effects:
  • It is very easy to overdose with GHB. The difference between a desired effect and passing out is minimal.
  • When someone passes out this is often referred to as "G-ing out".
  • When someone "G's out", they fall into a very deep sleep and it is very difficult to wake them.
  • Because G slows down the body, the real danger is that their breathing slows down so much, they do not get enough oxygen.
  • Learning and memory are impaired while under the influence

If you are with someone that passes out on G, do not leave them unattended. Make sure they are breathing and continue to check this until they wake up. Put them in the recovery position (lie them on their side) so that if they vomit, they will not choke. Be extremely cautious with someone that passes out after mixing G and alcohol - do not be afraid to take them to hospital, especially if their breathing is shallow or slow. Check the "Overdoses" section of the website for more information.
Dangerous Drug Combinations:
HIV Medications & GHB
  • Protease and Integrase Inhibitors increase the amount of GHB in your system, increasing the potential for an overdose, making G’ing-out or vomiting more likely.
  • If GHB makes you throw up within an hour of taking HIV medication, it is recommended to that a does is taken again.

Sex on GHB:
  • Lowers inhibitions, similar to alcohol, while boosting confidence and sociability
  • Greatly heightened sense of touch and sensitivity to sensations
  • Some guys experience stronger erections
  • Very intense orgasms, though this is very dose-dependent
  • Too much G can induce drowsiness and passing out during sex