How Are We Doing?

Your feedback is important to us. Here are four ways to get in touch with us:

In Person
  • Connecting directly with the ACT staff or volunteer you are working with is an effective way to provide feedback.
  • Constructive feedback is always welcome.
  • Concerns shared with staff can often be addressed quickly.

Feedback Form
  • We welcome comments or suggestions, as well as feedback related to accessibility issues with our programs or offices.
  • You may submit anonymously or provide contact information if you require follow-up.
  • Completed forms can be dropped off at the feedback box located by the elevator on the 4th floor.
  • Completed forms will be collected every Friday.
  • Individuals who request follow-up should expect a response from the appropriate ACT staff within a period of up to three weeks.
  • Click here to complete an online Feedback Form.

Complaint Process
  • A formal complaint can be submitted by contacting the Program Manager of the area related to your concern (see contact us page of the ACT website).
  • Complaints can be submitted to the Program Manager in writing, email, by phone, or in person.
  • The Program Manager will respond within two working days of receiving a formal complaint.
  • ACT's complaint process is confidential and does not affect your ability to access services.

Service User Satisfaction Survey
  • Every October, ACT circulates a Service User Satisfaction Survey to gather information related to your experiences with ACT.
  • Surveys are available to complete online or hardcopies are available with the 4th floor reception desk.


ACT engages in evaluation and consultation activities on a regular basis. Large-scale evaluations of specific programs and our strategic planning process always include engaging service users and other stakeholders in feedback. These opportunities are generally widely promoted and you can find out about them by checking out our evaluation page (link pending, page currently under construction) or by visiting our offices in person.

Click here to review our Evaluation Reports.