ACT Launches We Love to Fuck Campaign

Provocative campaign aims to speak directly to gay and bi men

February 12, 2014

TORONTO –The AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) launches We Love to Fuck, a provocative new campaign and portable resource informing gay and bi men of HIV transmission, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and encourages them to make proactive, informed decisions when it comes to their sexual health and safer sex practices.

We Love to Fuck builds on the success of 2012’s If You Like to Fuck campaign, utilizing bold language to get the attention of guys and empower them to keep up on their personal health by staying informed on STIs and available testing and treatment options. The campaign also highlights the breadth of ACT’s gay men’s programs—available online, in the bars and clubs, and at community events—in addition to ACT’s condom dispenser network that provides free condom and lube packs.

The need for the campaign emerged as more front-line service providers noted shifting trends, attitudes and potential issues to flag, such as increased chatter around PEP, viral load, Hepatitis C and increasing gonorrhea rates in Toronto. As always, ACT responds from a community-based perspective in a resilient, strength-based manner. Many STIs do not have symptoms therefore testing, education and awareness are all strategies addressed in the We Love to Fuck campaign and resource.

We Love to Fuck launches February 13, 2014 at Woody’s –SAILOR (465-467 Church Street) at 6pm, with prizing courtesy of Steamworks Baths.

About ACT
The AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) has been a respected leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS for over 30 years. Today in Toronto, more people than ever are living with HIV/AIDS and every day two more people are infected with HIV.

ACT works with gay men, women and youth to increase their knowledge, skills and resilience in the face of HIV/AIDS. ACT also helps to reduce HIV transmission by working with our communities to develop information about HIV, and provides outreach and education. We also help support and train people living with HIV so that they may lead healthier, more productive lives.

Rafay Agha
Communications Coordinator
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