HIV Information: Links to other on-line resources

The list below focuses mostly on Canadian websites, but there is a wealth of information online from websites all over the world. When using online health resources, be sure to check that the information is up-to-date and comes from a reliable source.

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HIV & AIDS 101

HIV & AIDS Basic Facts
Information on HIV transmission and prevention developed by the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE).



The Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada
The Federal Initiative represents the Canadian government's activities in the response to HIV/AIDS in Canada. These web pages on the Public Health Agency of Canada website contain information and publications relating to government programs.

Leading Together: Canada Takes Action on HIV/AIDS (2005-2010)
"Leading Together" is Canada's action plan for addressing HIV/AIDS. The plan presents strategies that are meant to guide the work of anyone involved in the Canadian response to HIV/AIDS. The website contains the text of the plan in HTML and PDF.

General health/sexual health resources

Hassle Free Clinic
Information on sexually transmitted infections, other sexual health topics, and testing HIV+ are all available on the Hassle Free Clinic website. Click on either the "Men/Trans-identified Clinic", "Women/Trans-identified Clinic", or "HIV and sexually transmitted infections" links on the homepage to access the health information.
A website maintained by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, provides information and interactive resources on a range of sexual health topics including sexually transmitted infections, contraception and pregnancy, and sexual orientation. The site is organized into sections that address the information needs of five different groups: teens, adults, parents, teachers, and health professionals.

International issues

UNAIDS: Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
The website of the United Nations HIV/AIDS programme, UNAIDS. Reports on various aspects of the global HIV/AIDS situation are available on the website, including the annual "AIDS epidemic update" which reviews global HIV/AIDS statistics.

Legal issues

HIV/AIDS Legal Clinic of Ontario (HALCO)
The HALCO website provides many useful resources on legal issues of concern to PHAs including their "HIV & the Law Advocate's Manual" (2004). You can find many of these resources in the "Publications" section of their website. The "Links" section also lists other useful websites.
Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network
The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network website makes available the reports and factsheets that result from the Network's research and advocacy activities. See the "Publications" link to access the reports and factsheets. Research areas that the organization focuses on include stigma and discrimination, prisons, privacy, Aboriginal communities, immigration, and women, among others.

Party/club drugs

Toronto Vibe
A website maintained by ACT that provides information for gay and bisexual men on the safer use of drugs in the party/club scene.
TRIP Project
A Toronto-based website that provides safer sex and safer drug use info and supplies to party people in Toronto's electronic music communities.


Canadian Association for HIV Research
The Canadian Association of HIV Research was formed in 1991 and has evolved into a diverse Canada-wide organization which represents people who conduct HIV/AIDS research. 
HIV Community-based Research Network
A website operated by the Community-Based Research Centre in Vancouver, BC that provides a forum for sharing HIV/AIDS community-based research findings and activities.


You can visit the Statistics page on the ACT website for summaries of HIV/AIDS statistics Globally, in Canada, Ontario, and Toronto.

HIV Testing

See the information on HIV testing on the ACT website, or on Hassle Free Clinic's website.

HIV Treatments

Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE)
CATIE is a national organization providing HIV/AIDS treatment information to Canadians. You can find factsheets, pamphlets, and electronic copies of many of CATIE's print publications on their website.

Workplace issues

Information developed for employers by the Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation.