About ACT

Since 1983 ACT has developed programs and services that respond to the changing needs of the communities it serves.

ACT provides support services that empower men, women and young people living with HIV to achieve self-determination, informed decision-making, independence, and overall well-being. We do this through programs such as counselling, information provision, social support activities and programs that help people with HIV return to work.

ACT works with gay men and young people to increase their knowledge, skills and resilience to reduce HIV transmission and improve their sexual health. We work with our communities to develop information, provide outreach and education and create opportunities for community members to increase their skills. We also train service providers who work with women to increase their knowledge of HIV and their capacity to address women living with or at increased risk for HIV.

Today in Toronto, more people than ever are living with HIV and people are still becoming infected with HIV. So our work is far from over. With your help, ACT can continue to take action against HIV/AIDS.

  • Find information about HIV, safer sex and safer drug use.

ACT’s Charitable Business Number: 11877 9024 RR0001

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The Ontario Trillium Foundation is an agency of the Government of Ontario.